“We’re operating high up the excellence curve to create the tools and development processes ambitious IT leaders need to be heard at the top of their organisations.” CIO Development are leaders in the non-technical executive development of CIOs and their IT leadership teams.  Having worked exclusively with generations of CIOs and their teams, the company […]

Group partners is a small team of people – dedicated senior professionals – with the big aim of reinventing how people in business work and think together in the 21st century.

Kaleidoscope is a technology coaching and consulting company which transforms business productivity and empowers organisations to adopt change, through enhancing people capability.


Saturday, 06. 13. 2009  –  Category: Associates

Deeply committed to transferring the skills and capabilities to help you lead and enable organisational and process change, through team and individual coaching, formal programmes and facilitated events


Saturday, 06. 13. 2009  –  Category: Associates

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