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Friday, 03. 27. 2009

My key leadership principles

  • Connecting with people is all-important
  • Walk the talk
  • Be the change you want to see
  • Find a passionate purpose
  • Step into other peoples’ shoes and feelings before you bring in your own message
  • Get detailed about your outcomes – be very aware of what you want to achieve with people

Hotchilli's approach to engagement

Hotchilli's approach to engagement

Best practice for engaging a group

  • A – Audience: Primary, Secondary, Tertiary
    Who are they? How do they feel about this topic? How are they feeling in general?  What are their priorities or drivers at this time?
  • B – Behaviours
    How do you want them to feel after the interaction? What do you want them to do? What behaviours do you need to see from them?
  • C – Content and Context
    Developed as a result of A&B. The message of your communication.
  • D – Delivery
    The best channel to this audience in this instance. The tone and emotion of the interaction. The optimum medium to deliver the message.
  • E – Evaluation
    How are you going to measure how the message “landed”.? How will you capture the evaluation?
  • F – Feedback
    How you judge your own performance. How will you capture it?

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